Young Doms

Well, this is going to be the first of many check-ins I will do. Aside from training subs I also have the honor to teach you DOMS the ropes. (Didn’t realize the pun.) I have taken theories and some rituals that I like and teach the younger ones how is it done and remind them that they have to be consistent.

So I happen to find out about this younger DOM that I work with. We start discussing how long he has he been a DOM? What has he learned about the lifestyle and how long he has been with this sub. I get to talk to him about safewords, he has them for his sub but not for himself. That made me think for a little I know I can be all powerful and at the moment but there is a limit. There is a thing called being “Overpowered” this when you are so deep into your Dominance that you are not seeing clearly. Yes, your sub is in subspace and floating above the clouds in bliss, nevertheless, you have to know where the limit is before you break your sub so much that it becomes unsafe. That her red bottom becomes purple and the deep bruising is beginning to ozze out blood. There is a limit and you have to understand that as a DOM you have to be in control of everything. Once you take ownership that is your responsibility if you break it, you fix it and repair it to be better.

There are always exceptions to the rules once they have been doing it for a while. You push the limits, that is what everyone to do, but within reason. To further one’s limits is always the goal. You have to work up to that limit, not 0-100 and you only have had your sub for 2 weeks. You must know yourself as well. Their days where you need to take a step back and look at what direction you are going. I don’t care if you use SSC(Safe, Sane, Consensual)or RACK(Risk-aware, Consensual, Kink) or even B.E.S.T(Behavior, Emotions, Self-image, Thoughts). Just don’t wing and think she will be fine and you will be fine. There are guidelines out there for a reason to find some and use them.

Feel free to commit or if you have your own personal questions you can email at Logan.1.ander@mail.com.


The Coffee Slave



“Good morning, how did the slave sleep?” Walking into the kitchen, the smell of lightly roasted coffee in the air. The fragrance intertwined with vanilla wrapping around my nose like a silk scarf of intoxicating lust. Gazing upon my slave, standing there holding my favorite coffee cup. “Sir, the slave slept well and has your morning coffee already.” Gracefully bringing my cup with her wet sweet dripping pussy exposed. ” Did the slave remember to make it with the CORRECT water?” Grinning devilishly. ” Sir, the slave did use her wet pussy juice to brew the coffee as instructed.” Slightly embarrassed to admit that she used her pussy juice to brew a full pot of coffee. “Two part question, how long and how many times did it take the slave to fill the pot up?” Chuckling, knowing that she just accomplished her first squirt last week. Now she is able to fill up a whole pot of coffee. “The slave completed the first task in 45 mins. The slave squirted 5 times to fill the whole pot, Sir.” She was smiling. The expression on her face was inestimable. Likely her headspace was in subspace, meaning that she will need to sit down.

“Would you like your own cup coffee and a donut, sub?” Sitting her down in her nice comfy chair.” Yes, Sir, that would be amazing?” Slightly over the top but enough to know she is in a very happy place. We sit down, began to drink the pussy juice infused coffee. I swish it around in my mouth. Perfect. “Wow, wish I could order this at Starbucks.” I began to act out how I would order it.”Hey, let me get a Pussy vanilla latte, triple shot of pussy juice, Venti, please.” We laugh. She drinks her coffee savoring the taste of herself. “Sir, what if I ate more chocolate would it taste different?” Amazed by the taste. She was already wondering how to improve the product. Maybe there is a business on pussy infused coffee. ” Well, there is one way to find out is to try it out.” Drinking the rest of the pot of coffee thinking that I might need a couple of different tests subject to see if I get a different blend. But that is another dream for another day.

Disclamer: This is fictional post and the actions should not be tried by anyone. Unless you are kinky enough. Also I do not own the photo.


Masters Protocol

For many Masters, they have certain formalities that they have for their sub, slave, and or little. Having a set of guidelines or protocols for you submissive is fundamental. It keeps you accountable and consistent in your training. Furthermore, you recognize where either of you is inadequate so that you appropriate actions to counter. Skilled Masters interpret and in a definitive manner swiftly correct the matter. Nevertheless, you will at no time have all the responses to all circumstances. You will have to determine what method is preferred.

The Plan is what I’ve come to call it for myself. It’s my set protocols that I expect my slut or sluts to submit to the word. Initially, we would discuss interest and see if we are somewhat in alignment with each other. Conceding that we are we would act to filling out my questionnaire. The questionnaire is there to identify skills, attributes, and dislikes. Additionally, more information acquired determines the intensely of our first encounter. Setting the standard of what is going to be new normal for the slut.

(This is not for everyone. This what I chose to use as my guidelines.)

These are the questions I ask myself:
Do you have a plan?
Have you read and understood the questionnaire?
Do you have any concerns?
Are your safety measures in place?
Do you have an aftercare plan ready?

These questions I feel should be answered first before you take on anyone new. Then you can move on to the details.
Do you want her hair up or down?
Do you want her to have makeup on or off?
Do you want her fully dressed or bare?
Are you going to using rope or you like using chains?
The list of questions can go on and on. Make sure you know what you are doing and know how to do it safely. Let me repeat that, know what you are doing and know how to do it safely. We will talk about the importance of safety at another time. Take into consideration, for now. You can do a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. Knowing how to fix and correct them will go along way.

Remember to have fun and thoughtful of things you do with your submissive. They are still human even when they pretend they are not.


Slut Maid 1

“Where is my slutty maid?”Calling out, echoing through every part of the complex. The sound of my voice bouncing off every wall. I know where she is at but this all a test. She is right under my feet on all fours disrobed, being my footstool at the moment. She has currently been a footstool for about 5 minutes.

“This stool feels so nice under my feet it is soft.”

“Grati…” She almost spoke a complete sentence and she is not supposed to.

“Is my stool talking? I know I didn’t buy a talking stool. As cool as it would be I don’t want a talking stool people will think I am crazy talking to inanimate objects that are there to look amazing and use for your feet.” I feel a deep breath from my stool. Maybe it likes me talking about how amazing it feels under my feet.

“As much as I like this stool I want my slutty maid to service me.” Waiting for her to move to the thought of servicing me. That is a strong pull for her and I want her not to give in to those desires because of my plea. I want her to take her task to the next level. I swear I can hear mind holding every urge to move. But she doesn’t move she is my stool and will not move until I give her the command to. We are at thirty mins and counting and the stool has done well and will be a reward for good training.

“Your focus was keen and now return to your form of being MY slut maid for me.” As I gave the command she stretches her body like a cat and gracefully stands on her two feet. Her deep brown eyes look into my eyes and waiting for my next command.

“You have done well today but there was a slight hiccup let discuss that first.” As I gazed upon her face.

“Master Logan was very pleased with your thoughts of me as your footstool and almost forgot my place in the moment Master.”Sounding sad, she would think I was disappointed, I was not, I was very proud of her now.  I recognized she understood her fault in the training and corrected it at once. Without me punishing her.

“Keep your head up I don’t need my slutty maid feeling like she didn’t learn well today. ” Smiling devilishly.

“Gratitude Master. Now, do I proceed to service your lovely cock?”As her hand rests on the massive bulge in my slacks. Slowly tightening her grip along the shaft.

“You may reward your good training with servicing my cock as you play with your self. But don’t come until I have given you the command.”The ache in her eyes from me not giving the free will to come on her terms sent shock ways through the body.

“Yes, Master.” She kneeled down and unbuckled my leather belt, slowly pull it off. She made eye contact as she presses her soft hands against my chest slowly bringing them down to unbutton my slacks. Unleashing my pulsating cock from its confines as it leaking pre-cum slowly from the tip. The flow of the pre-cum ran into my maid’s mouth freely.

“Drink it all up as there is more to come. Now open wide to and engulf my cock and please me.”

“Yes, Master. Gratitude for my reward.” As she took me deep and pleased me there was a puddle of her wetness between her feet as she dripped a thick sap of her juices to the floor. Being very pleased with her show of enthusiasm I penetrated her throat and stuffed it rapidly.

“I am about to cum my slut. You will cum before I do understand?”She nodded and was bringing herself to cum quickly before I did and with a flick of her fingers she was getting there, she was forcing her mouth further down her throat. Her waterworks was everywhere on the floor as she releases her passionate moan.

“Good slut, now take my seed down your throat.”I held her head and released my load. She swallowed every drip drop of my cum. As she floated into subspace I gathered her into my arms and took her to bed and tucked her in. We laid in the bed as caressed her hair as she went into a slumber.

“My beautiful sweetness, dream well and be at peace.” Kissing her soft cheeks and removing myself from the room and went to my study to plan for our next adventure is better than the last.


She responded with a head nod.

“Today is going to be simple. I’ll be giving you a series of commands and just follow them to the best of your ability. There are not graded, I’m just seeing were you are at mentally and physically. Making sure that both are in or out of sync. We will begin now.”

After I explained what is about to happen her face lit up with this bright smile. It was very warming to see she was ready to take on any challenge I was about to throw her way. I walked around  her, inspecting every inch of her body. Stack! To say the least, standing at 5′ 2  long dark hair that reached to the center of her back. Waist was about 32 to 34. Thick thighs that came with a nice round bum poking out ready to take any and every punishment I am ready dishing out. Her chest is a 36 C which fit her body type. < If you haven’t figured out yes I am full body kinda dude.>

“Arms to your side and have your chin slightly tilted down, your eyes looking towards the mark I have placed onto the floor, remember to relax and breathe. After your third inhale, DO NOT MOVE UNTIL TOLD SO. DO YOU understand?”

She responded with a head nod.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I repeated myself as I lifted her head slowly to gaze into her eyes. She than answered…”Yes, Master.”

“Good, now get into position and after your third inhale DO NOT MOVE UNTIL TOLD SO.” As I walk across the room, grabbing a chair, than dragging the chair along the floor. The scrapping invokes a sharp movement through her body. “Did you just MOVE? ” Knowing the answer already, this is a test of trustworthiness.

She responded with a head nod.

“I did not hear you SLUT.” Looking at her body quivering so slowly.

“Yes,Master…this slut moved.” With a quick grin of the mouth but just as fast I see it, it was gone.

“What to do with this slut?” Stroking my beard,  grinning. “Knees.” As she drops gracefully can’t help but see a glimmer in her face. “Hands to thighs.” With a swift shift of her hands, my command was completed. Her mouth is salivating, like she hasn’t eaten in days. “Mouth open.” A drip from her leaking mouth falls slowly down her breast. I unzip my slacks and pull out my member. “Take it all into your mouth.”

Slowly forcing her mouth to part, a hard cough catches her of guard, but she composed herself and continued to pressing my member slowly down her mouth. She retracts from my member as she reposition her mouth to take it from a different angle. She pressed harder at he second attempt to take it all. Another hard cough, saliva secretes from her mouth, still pressing forward, her eyes filled with determination and tears. She retracts once more but this time, her mouth is completely off the member. Deep breathing from her is at a very fast pace. As she recollecting herself, breathing heavily, her lips meet my member once more, sliding her soft lips across membrane creates a vacuum seal around my member as she succeed her task.

“Very good slut…now hold it in your throat.” Wrapping my forearm around locking her head, slowly stroking her throat with my member. Thrusting slowly at first, with short strokes reaching deeper into her throat, then with longer faster strokes. She moans softly as her mouth is full. Sliding back and forth in her mouth I command her…”Look up at me slut.” Her eyes slowly marched up my body to my face. Tears were rolling down her soft cheeks as are eyes meet.

I pull all the way out, ragged gasps emerge from her heavenly mouth. “What color are we slut?” Checking in on her state of mind.

She responded with a head nod and cheesy smile. Then said,” Green Master…Super Green Master.”

“Good, slut. We have a lot of work to be done and many things to accomplish. So we will end the session on this high and talk everything once you have come down.””Now my dear sweet little one, come to your feet and let’s get you cleaned up.”

She responded with a head nod. “Yes, Daddy.” With a huge cheesy smile.


“Good morning slutty maid.”

“Good morning Master Logan, what would like this morning?”

“Hmm. What do I want this morning? I think I will have some juice and your mouth. “

“As you wish Master, my mouth is always ready to be of service as always.”

“Now open wide my slutty maid.”

She handed her Master a glass of orange juice and dropped to her knees. Her hand behind back. She opens her mouth the Master grabs her chin and looks down her throat. He takes a sip of juice Her mouth wet and ready as he shoves his cock down her throat, stretching the corners of her mouth to their limits.

“This some really good juice this morning, slut, did you use fresh oranges from the market? “She nodded while his cock was slammed in the back of her throat. “Well you have out done yourself this morning with this juice I might just have to have it every morning.” As the Master push his cock deep into her throat, her eyes began to water and turn red from the lack of oxygen which was consumed from her nostril until the Master plugged her nose with his hand. Slowly thrusting his cock faster and faster. Then releasing his hold and sliding his cock out to let his slut breathe just a little. Giving her the taste of fresh oxygen. She sucking in as much air as she could.

“Tha-n-k yyyyyyyyou Massssteeer!!!”

“You are welcome slut. Now it is time for you to get your juice for the day.”

“Yeeees MAAAsssster!”

His slut opens her mouth wide once again, drooling, salivating, waiting to get her full load of cum juice to start her day off. Stretching her mouth out, no gag reflex, and pure enjoyment in her tearing eyes as they slowly rolled to the back of her head. Smiling even bigger once Master grabbed the back of her head mounting her. With more than a few power thrust bulging down her throat, he released all of his cum juice.

“Hold it…you got have some this orange juice you made it is amazing”. Slowly pour the orange juice filling the slut’s mouth with juice. “Now swallow it slut.” And in an instant it was gone.

“You were right master the juice was amazing. Thank you Master Logan.”


Spoken Hearted

The submissive is the subject.

She subjects to the submissive mind frame to be detained.

To succumb to the will of the superior never feeling inferior.

Not forced or not pressured by any measure.

Willing willful to give up her will.

To fulfill the full will of my pleasure and desires.

Yet equally filling every pleasure mentality.

Physically pushed to her limits never mentality strenuous.

Pain is pleasure not mines but seeing yours is all the better.

What I gain is on a different plain an elevated mind frame.

The blissfully beautiful face you make can’t accumulate any amount of words.

Never mistaken the state taken for granted.